PenTeleData's free virus protection service includes a technology that scans all outgoing and incoming e-mail. The result of this scanning: If a virus is found in an e-mail message, the message will be deleted and an automated response will be sent to the message sender. Additionally, the PenTeleData staff will be informed of the e-mail infection to take appropriate measures. The automated scanning process scans files only in search of infection and does not examine e-mail content. We respect your privacy and value each customer's business.

This is an added benefit of the service you currently have. There is no charge. PenTeleData has made a conscious decision to invest additional resources into the products and services we offer. We firmly believe that PenTeleData customers receive the industry's best Internet service.

The email scanning should not replace protection on your system, you should continue to run a virus program on your computer(s), and keep it updated regularly. We cannot guarantee that our email scanning will be 100% accurate.

For further information, and answers to your questions about how PenTeleData can strengthen your network security today, please visit the website for our Computer Patrol Specialists.

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