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Macintosh Sonoma + (Cable modem setup)

Normally, Mac OS X will allow you to connect to the Internet automatically when a cable modem is attached to the PC without the need to change any settings. If your cable modem is not allowing you to access the Internet, these instructions will walk you through the process of checking the necessary settings in Mac OS X. Please note that your cable modem must be connected via Ethernet in order to follow these instructions.

1. Begin by clicking on the "Apple" in the top left corner of your screen and select "System Settings."


2. The "System Settings" window will now appear. Click "Network" to proceed and select "Ethernet."


3. Click “Ethernet” to "Configure IPv4" and select "Using DHCP."

4. Finally, click on "OK." Close "System Settings" control panel by clicking on the close button in the upper left.

Microsoft Window 10 + (Cable modem setup)

With Windows 11+ and High-speed cable modem Internet access, powered by PenTeleData. Simply connecting your High-speed cable modem to the computer and you are automatically on-line.

Connect the Ethernet cable and within moments, you are online.

Getting Connected to the Internet

To browse the web, you must open the program called a web browser (Example: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome). This program can be found on the Windows Desktop or in your Windows Menu (click on the "Windows" logo, then click on “All Apps,” then click on your browser of choice). Once your browser is open, you can then go to other websites by typing them into the address bar at the top of the browser window (Example:

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