The following information will provide you the software settings needed to configure/setup up your software to access PenTeleData services.

Email Servers IMAP/SMTP:

Note: PenTeleData’s email service requires SMTP authentication using your email username and password.

NTP Server:

  • Primary NTP server address =
  • Secondary NTP server address =

DNS Server:

DNS servers are location specific and, although rare, can change. Therefore, all devices connected to the PenTeleData network should be set to obtain DNS information "Automatically" or "DHCP". For all non-DHCP/PPP Commercial Customers please contact PenTeleData’s Network Control Center or your Sales Representative.

If you have any further questions that were not answered here you can call our Technical Support Department to speak with a technician. Technical Support will attempt to answer any questions related to DNS that were not covered here.