Dear Valued Customer,

Beginning on Monday August 17th, 2020 and over the course of the following weeks, we will begin migrating our PenTeleData email account service to a new hosting platform. This migration should appear transparent and will not require any intervention or changes on your part. All email settings will remain the same and all customer email, calendar events and preferences will transfer automatically to the new platform.

We will send you another email at least two days in advance of this change so that you know what day your email account will be migrated to the new hosting platform.

Customers who use My PenTeleData Webmail to manage their PenTeleData email accounts will see a new user interface (UI). This modern, responsive UI provides users with a consistent and easy-to-use email and collaboration experience that allows users to move seamlessly between desktop, mobile and tablet browsers. 

Internet Explorer is no longer supported with PenTeleData’s email hosting service. While Internet Explorer 11 will continue to function in a limited capacity, users will not be able to access the new user interface. Users are advised to upgrade their browsers to Microsoft Edge or another modern browser.

Please note: During the migrations, users will see a new URL when logged into the webmail interface. This new URL is necessary for us to complete the migration process. This URL is temporary and should not be book-marked or used manually to access the system.

Please direct any email hosting questions or issues to our Technical Support Department at 800.281.3564 select option 2 then option 3.

Thank you for your business and continued support.


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