Dear Valued Customer, 

We are writing about changes to PenTeleData Community Wi-Fi. As you may remember, prior to the pandemic that began in early 2020, users had to log in using a PenTeleData email address. Then we opened it for free access as a courtesy to the many who needed access for the rapid shift work and school situations. We have now reversed those changes.

 Effective immediately, PenTeleData Community Wi-Fi is once again a benefit available exclusively to our customers only. No guest access is allowed and no pay option will be available for non-users. If you saved the PenTeleData Community Wi-Fi SSID to your device with any email address you now need to re-authenticate for the community WiFi service to work from your device. On your smartphone device you need to "Forget" the SSID and reauthenticate (add it back to your list). Laptop computers usually prompt users to enter new credentials.

 To view the list of PenTeleData Wi-Fi locations, please visit

 Thank you for your business and continued support.


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