Usenet Newsgroups

These pages will provide you with an introduction to all of the features of PenTeleData's Usenet service.

Windows Mail (Windows Vista)

2. In the Windows Mail window, select "Accounts…” from the “Tools” menu at the top.

3. The “Internet Accounts” window will now open. To add the PenTeleData Usenet server click on “Add….”

4. Click on “Newsgroup Account” and then “Next” to continue.

5. The newsgroup setup wizard will ask for a “Display name:.” Enter your name as you would like it to appear when people view your newsgroup postings. When you are finished, click “Next.”

6. In the box labeled “E-mail address:,” enter your username followed by “” in all lower case letters. When you are finished, click “Next.”

7. In the box labeled “News (NNTP) server:,” enter “” in all lower case letters, without the quotation marks. Place a check in the box below labeled "My news server requires me to log on," and press "Next."

8. In the boxes labeled "E-mail username:," and “Password:,” enter the username and password for the account you will be using to access the Usenet server. Click “Next” to continue.

Standard accounts (Dial-up, cable modem, and DSL) must use their complete PenTeleData e-mail address as their username (i.e. Username: and the corresponding password to login to the PenTeleData Usenet server.

If you have an "Individual Usenet Account" or "Commercial Usenet Account," you must use the Usenet login and password that was assigned to you. Please ensure that you are using your "complete" login including "" (i.e. Username:

9. The following screen will appear, it will automatically check determine if the server supports the “Communities feature.”

10. Click the “Finish” button to exit the account setup wizard.

11. Finally, click the “Close” button on the “Internet Accounts” window.

12. The “Subscribe to newsgroups” dialogue box will now appear. You will now be prompted for one of the following actions:

“Show available newsgroups and turn on Communities.”

“Show available newsgroups, but don’t turn on Communities.”

“Don’t download newsgroups now.”

Note: The newsgroup communities’ feature is a listing of Microsoft Newsgroup forums. For more information regarding Microsoft Communities, please visit and search for keywords “Microsoft Communities.”

Your newsreader program has now been set up to access newsgroups.

What newsreader software does PenTeleData recommend?

Due to its ease of use, we recommend Forte’ Free Agent for Usenet access. This program is available at no charge by going to .

Although any newsreader program can be used to access newsgroups, PenTeleData only offers technical support for the following:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7: Forte’ Free Agent, Microsoft Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and X-News.

Mac OSX: Outlook Express (when used in OS9 mode).

Once I have downloaded a newsreader and installed it, how do I set it up to access the PenTeleData Usenet server?

I have an account with PenTeleData and want to access the PenTeleData Usenet server when out of town and connected through another Internet provider. Can I do this?

Yes. You simply need to configure your newsreader software with PenTeleData’s Usenet server settings.