Transfer Statistics

This page will assist you in accessing and using the PenTeleData "Usenet Transfer Statistics" webpage. The "Usenet Transfer Statistics" webpage allows you to monitor your Usenet (newsgroup) transfers for the current monthly usage period.

To access the "Usenet Transfer Statistics" web page, you must first log into the PenTeleData "Account Management" page by surfing to and clicking on "Account Management" on the right side of the page.  You can also access the "Account Management" page directly.

  • Standard accounts (Dial-up, cable modem, and DSL) must use the beginning part of their PenTeleData email address as their username (everything before the and the corresponding password to login to the PenTeleData Account Management page.
  • Please keep in mind that ONLY your Full Access email name is able to access the "Usenet Transfer Statistics" page even though you can log into "Account Management" with any of your email names.
  • If you have an "Individual Usenet Account" or "Commercial Usenet Account," you must use the Usenet login and password that was assigned to you. For example, if the username that you use to log in to the Usenet server is, your login to the "Account Management" webpage is simply 000000005.

After you have logged in, click on "Usenet Usage" to view your "Usenet Transfer Statistics" report.  Below is an example of how this report might look when you access the "Usenet Transfer Statistics" web page. Explanations for each item of the report are listed at the end of this document.

Username: This field displays the account username that was used to transfer the news data. This username could be your standard Full Access login (Dial-up, cable modem, and DSL), "Individual Usenet Account" or "Commercial Usenet Account."

Monthly transfer limit: Specifies the amount of data, in GB (Gigabytes), which this particular username is permitted to download from the PenTeleData Usenet server. The limit for the above example is 10GB per month. 

Amount transferred: Specifies the amount of Usenet data which you have downloaded during the current monthly usage period, in GB (Gigabytes), as of the date of the report. (Usenet Data: Any data that is transferred from the Usenet server to your computer. This includes all headers, text, binaries, or any other attachment that you download.)
By looking at the sample Usenet Transfer report shown above, you can see that the username "johndoe" has used 5.85 GB of his available 10GB of Usenet data as of 10/15/2003. Below the graph, you can see that the monthly usage counter for this account will be reset on 10/24/03. On the 24th, "johndoe" will be able to download another 10GB of Usenet data.

If you have any questions about this report which were not covered here, please contact our Technical Support Department.