This document will provide you with an introduction to all of the features of PenTeleData's Personal Web Space in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) format. For anyone who is interested in taking full advantage of their Personal Web Space, this is the beginners guide for you.

I uploaded my files to my Personal Storage Space but I cannot view the files over the Internet. Now what?

Listed below are some common mistakes that new users occasionally make. Please refer to the list below for some of the more common problems you may encounter after uploading your personal web page:

  • The address you are trying to view has been stored in your "Temporary Internet Files."
  • Press the "Refresh" or "Reload" button in your web browser to ensure you are viewing the most current page.
  • You do not have an "index.html" file in your "public_html" folder.
  • Your personal web page files were not placed in the "public_html" folder.
  • Files names are case-sensitive, please be sure you are entering your file names correctly. It is also advisable to avoid spaces in your file name. Different web browsers (i.e. Netscape or Internet Explorer) will treat the names differently.

Please keep in mind that Technical Support can only assist you in the uploading of your personal web files. They cannot assist you in the creation or trouble-shooting of your HTML code.

How big can my personal web page be?

Included with your PenTeleData service, PenTeleData will provide you with web hosting and 1 GB of Personal Storage Space (PSS). PenTeleData realizes that you may need more than 1 GB of storage; therefore PenTeleData does not limit your disk space storage to 1 GB. All users may store as much information as they wish. Users that average more than 1 GB per month will be billed at a rate of $.05 per MB per each additional megabyte of storage, per month. As a courtesy, PenTeleData will make an effort to notify you when you are nearing your complimentary 1 GB of Personal Web Space.

Can I create my personal web page in Microsoft Front Page?

Yes. However you will need a separate FTP application to upload your personal web page. Microsoft Front Page already has the ability to upload your web page through the use of Front Page Extensions. However, residential accounts do not have the ability to use this feature. Commercial customers can choose to have their web site hosted on a server that will support Front Page Extensions.

I am currently a PenTeleData customer; do I get a personal web page?

Yes. Each residential PenTeleData Full Access Dial-Up, High-speed DSL, and High-speed cable customer is given a personal web page on our servers. Each residential account has 1 GB of complimentary disk space allocated for Personal Storage Space. Anything over the 1 GB will be billed at a rate of $.05 per MB per each additional megabyte of storage, per month. Personal web pages are not for business use.

What is Personal Storage Space?

Personal Storage Space is the space allocated to you for storing your personal web page(s), eBay pictures, and/or files on our servers.