Content Rules

The content of your homepage falls under PenTeleData's Policy of Family oriented content. We allow no pornography, obscene language, sexually explicit information or other racial or ethnic derogatory materials to appear on customer's home pages. We also prohibit residential home pages to be used for commercial purposes such as advertising consulting or commercial business services and products. Yard sale type items are allowed.


  1. Customer must have a Full Access Account.
  2. Using a FTP program, ftp to use your email name and password to FTP into our server. Example: username jdoe Password: example
  3. Change to the public_html under your home directory. Example: /public_html
  4. Copy home page html file and any associated files to the public_html directory.
  5. Rename home page html file to index.html. Example: main.htm would be changed to index.html
  6. Your home page may be accessed by entering the following URL: e-mail name). Example:

Your home page and associated files counts against the 1 GB of disk space allocated to you for a residential account. Anything over the 1 GB will be billed at a rate of $.05 per MB per each additional megabyte of storage, per month.