If you are having problems with your PenTeleData Accelerator, this document will guide you through troubleshooting common problems.

Can you connect to your PenTeleData dial-up service?
Try accessing some popular Web sites. If you have recently installed PenTeleData Accelerator and can no longer access the Internet, please contact our Technical Support Department at (800) 281-3564.

Is the PenTeleData Accelerator installed, active, and enabled on your computer?
If the PenTeleData Accelerator is installed and active on your computer, the PenTeleData icon (a small blue box with a red “X”) will appear in the Windows taskbar by the system clock. If PenTeleData Accelerator is active while you are surfing the Internet, the PenTeleData Accelerator icon will appear with white flashing arrows.

If you are able to surf the Internet but do not see the white arrows, there are a few reasons why this may be occurring:

• You are accessing a Web site or other content that the PenTeleData Accelerator does not speed up.

• PenTeleData Accelerator is currently disabled on your computer. If you see red lines around and over the PenTeleData Accelerator icon, it means that the PenTeleData Accelerator is disabled. Instructions on how to enable and disable PenTeleData Accelerator.

• PenTeleData Accelerator or other software on your system may require special configuration.

Need additional help?
You can call our Technical Support Department at (800) 281-3564 to speak with a technician. Technical Support will attempt to answer any questions related to the PenTeleData Accelerator that were not covered here. You may also email your questions.