PenTeleData is the area's leading Internet service provider, whether it's dial-up, cable, or DSL, PenTeleData is your starting point for a fast, easy, affordable residential connection to the Internet.

PenTeleData is a convenient, low-cost, residential Internet access service that gives you the right connections to the world's largest computer network: the Internet. Founded in 1994, PenTeleData is a limited partnership of Pennsylvania and New Jersey cable television and telephone companies pooling resources to offer the latest technologies in the communications industry.

High Speed Internet

PenTeleData and our partners provide high-speed  Internet access to your house with speeds up to 1 Gig in limited areas.

DSL Internet

If you're looking for high speed Internet access, we have just the thing. High-Speed DSL from Ironton Telephone can give you fantastic download and upload speeds.


Dial-up access with single connect speeds up to 56k.


An emailbox is a storage area for email. A user receives their private emailbox. This is similar to a Post Office Box except electronic.


A Mail-Me account provides a user the ability to dial into any local PenTeleData location and connect to the mail server to retrieve E-mail. This is ideal for someone who would like the convenience of E-mail but does not need access to the World Wide Web.

PenTeleData Community Wi-Fi Hot Spot Access

The Power Of Broadband...UNLEASHED in YOUR Community! PenTeleData Community Wi-Fi provides high-speed wireless Hot Spot Internet access to any user with a Wi-Fi enabled laptop computer. Community Wi-Fi is FREE to all Powered by PenTeleData Broadband customers and is available in locations across Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

To learn more visit the Community Wi-Fi site.

PenTeleData I.T. Services

You asked for help. We listened. That's why we've created PenTeleData's I.T. Services, an In-Home Computer Support Service.

I.T. will help with:

  • wireless home networking
  • virus and spyware protection
  • software installation
  • computer repair
  • personalized training sessions

PenTeleData Easy Pay

PenTeleData Easy Pay is the convenient way to pay your Internet Bill! Sign up today to have your monthly bill automatically deducted from your checking or savings account! It's Free, It's Easy... It's PenTeleData Easy Pay!

Business Owner?

Many of the largest hospitals, schools, banks, stores and local governments trust us and rely on our MPLS Network with Intelligent Routing to provide secure and reliable data and Internet connections.
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