Good News for Customers Who Use PenTeleData Email!

Dear Valued Customer,

We are proud to announce that all email customers now receive 5 GB of storage per mailbox, up from our previous limit of 2 GB of storage per mailbox.

As you may remember, we announced an email upgrade earlier this year.  As a result of this upgrade, all PenTeleData email and Webmail users received an increase in the maximum file attachment allowance from 20 MB to 25 MB.

PenTeleData Webmail users also received a streamlined user interface, a conversation view that makes reading and replying to messages convenient and intuitive, an improved composition editor, shared tagging to tag and organize data between users, an activity stream to sort low priority mail and direct incoming messages to various folders, and a dedicated search tab that allows users to navigate away from the search without losing the query. In addition, as we promised at that time, we began our work to increase storage per mailbox to 5 GB, up from our previous limit of 2 GB.

If you don’t use PenTeleData Webmail, now is a good time to try it.  It’s an already-included benefit of being a PenTeleData customer and provides access to your PenTeleData email account, even while you’re away from your home computer (although we recommend using it there too).  Just visit  On the right side of the page, choose “My Webmail”.  A new browser window will open.  Simply enter your email name and password and you’re set!

Thank you for your business and continued support.


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